TANbark Book Club

We are reading the book: "The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver.  We will meet at 7pm on July 14th to discuss this book.  We will let you know where when we have that bit of information available.

As an extra added event, we are reading "Wanted: Good Family: A novel" by Joseph G. Anthony

We will meet on Sept. 1st to discuss this book.  In addition to the discussion, we will be honored to have the author with us.  

We will let you know about places for the two dates when we have that information.

Invite friends and come have a good time in July and in September.

Tanbark Garage Sale May 16, 2015

May 2015 Newsletter

Sidewalk Repair Information

After a long, cold winter and unusually wet spring, TAN is ready to roll out our city sidewalk repair project. Our initial
mailing generated almost 50 residents interested in repairs. With this volume of work, TAN has been able to negotiate an
excellent price for sidewalk repair. A-1 Concrete Leveling has agreed to the following prices to repair or replace
substandard squares of the city sidewalks in Tanbark:
• $65 per square if the situation can be corrected by pumping up the square(s).
• $110 per square if the situation requires removing and replacing the square(s). (Tree root removal below the
sidewalk will be a slight additional charge.)
The property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing all city sidewalks that abut their property (LFUCG Chapter
17, Article 4). If the sidewalk in front of your house has vertical displacement at a crack or joint, is severely cracked, has a
deteriorated and rough surface, has sudden changes in levelness where tree roots have raised it, holds water or does not
slope slightly toward the street, then your sidewalk does not meet required standards and needs to be repaired or
replaced. Property owners can be liable for injuries resulting from improperly maintained city sidewalks adjacent to their
The price negotiated with A-1 Concrete Leveling is available to ALL residents within the boundaries of the Tanbark
Association of Neighbors. Residents that have paid their 2015 dues and are members of TAN are eligible for a partial
refund of the cost of repairs. The refund will be 50% of the city sidewalk repair cost up to a maximum of $120.
Participation in this project is completely voluntary. No resident is REQUIRED to participate in this project or use this
contractor. TAN will absolutely NOT contact the city to report any resident that chooses not to participate or repair their
Each property owner must contract directly with a contractor to complete the necessary repairs. Residents are free to hire
any contractor that they want. To take advantage of the pricing from A-1 Concrete Leveling, call 224-2299 and arrange for
them to give you a total quote. Let them know that you reside in Tanbark and should receive the negotiated prices. To
take advantage of these prices, residents MUST schedule work with A-1 no later than September 15, 2015. If you
have additional concrete work that needs to be done, you can request a quote from A-1 (or another contractor of your
choice) for that work. Hopefully prices for additional work will be slightly lower since they are already working in this area.
Rebates are available only to residents that have paid 2015 TAN dues. Once the work is complete, pay your
contractor. Mail a copy of your paid invoice and the form below to TAN at the following address:
c/o Paula Whitmer, Treasurer
4192 Heartwood Road
Lexington, KY 40515
TAN will send a refund for 50% of the city sidewalk work up to $120. The rebate is only available for city sidewalk repairs
and does not apply to any additional work you may have done. Request for rebates MUST be submitted by December
15, 2015.
TAN Sidewalk Repair Rebate Request
Name: ____________________________________________________ Date Completed: __________________
Address: __________________________________________________ Total Cost: _______________________
(city sidewalk work only)

Upcoming activities - save the dates

Spring Clean Up - April 18,2015 Garage Sale - May 16, 0215 Annual Picnic - August 15, 2015

Book Club

The next Book Club meeting will be on February 24 at 7pm at the home of Scott and Pam Bridges: 1117 Buttonwood Ct. We will discuss the book :"All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr

TANbark Board Meeting

Next board meeting will take place Monday, January 26th 1 at 7 pm at the home of Pam Bridges. All are welcome to attend the Board meetings of the Associations.